Stalkers Cradle

Are you sick of your sling yet?

Our Stalker's Cradle is just the product you need.  This innovative product will reduce fatigue while your hunting, whether its deer, turkey, duck, dove or whatever else you are stalking.  It will quicken your reaction time because your firearm is on your side rather than on your shoulder, and in one easy move you are ready to aim.

Take your hunt to the next level

Reducing fatigue keeps you in the field longer, and nobody will argue staying in the field longer equals more success.

Shoulder or hand problems this could be your answer..

The origin of the Stalkers Cradle

This product was born through adversity from the start.  It was passed down to me from some of the greatest vets, who had served in Vietnam, that I was lucky to serve with in the 80's.  We carried our M16's balanced over a canteen on our LCE, which gave you quicker movement on the target in dense vegetation.  I came home and continued to hunt with my deer rifle in the same place.  It wasn't until I had a debilitating injury to my right hand that I realized something had to be done.  As a carpenter I was devastated. As a Christian I was challenged.  The voices came to me from my greatest mentors, you cannot find your way out with your head down.  I used the plastic cast after the failed surgery to my hand to make the first protype and the Stalkers Cradle was born.  

Pro Series


Stalkers Cradle Pro Series

The Stalkers Cradle Pro Series is designed to fit most A/R Rifles and rifles with large magazines.  It is also great for fishing poles. 


Check out our Stalkers cradle video