Who we are

George Thomas


George grew up in Columbia, TN, he loves the outdoors hunting and fishing, and being a great influence on his kids and others. He is a carpenter by trade specializing in historic restorations.  He has a new affection for building treehouses. He has built a treehouse for his family and one for another family.

Lia Thomas


Lia grew up in Charleston, SC moved here to go to college at MTSU.  She has a BS degree in horse science, currently works for FedEx, but still has a love for horses.  She has been successful in horse shows with her QH hunter Zip To Open.  She enjoys watching the kids playing baseball and softball in the spring and fall.  

The Kids


Three great kids Hunter, Faith, and Ryan all enjoy playing baseball and softball.  They also enjoy hunting and fishing.  Sometimes its more swimming on the lake than fishing when the whole family goes but its all about spending time together,  kids grow fast.  



Bear is a 9 year old black Labrador retriever.  He is just another kid, he enjoys playing ball and boat rides.  He loves swimming in the lake.  He also loves relaxing on the couch watching animal planet.   Its good to be a dog.  



Clay aka "Zip To Open"  AQHA gelding.  Clay is 19 and is enjoying his retirement from the horse show life.  Lia has owned him since he was born, then showed him until he was 10 winning many events and awards including a win at the QH Congress in Ohio.  Clay then went to live with a wonderful family in Ohio until it was time to retire. 



George is proud of his harvest record in the past.  He is a true advocate of the fair chase.  He believes in the true hunt is in the mature animals and has very unique and sometimes controversial opinions on deer movement and habits.  Anyone can argue what they want but proof is in the success.